As previously discussed Mold, Buckley, Flint and Deeside are well served with tv aerial companies. I promised to come back to the question of how to decide on the right tv aerial company for you. You have two main choices and that is, do you want a national company or a local company? If you feel that a local company is better suited to your needs then you need to choose wisely. National companies often feel that people would prefer a local company to install their TV aerials. Mold is not alone here, as this will apply to every town and city across the UK. As a result some national companies, by no means all, will try to portray themselves as local. How can you tell? Well the first thing you would notice is a call centre when you ring them. The second may well be no address on their advertising or website. They may well have a local number but these can be bought from phone operators. Having said that, if you are looking for a local company to install your tv aerials in Mold, Buckley, Flint or Deeside then please contact us, we'll be pleased to talk to you.